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Vocational school needs your support

April 15, 2010

Reverend Mercy Wood, from registered charity Wood World Missions, is heading to Ghana later this month to visit the Free Vocational Training School she helped set up three years ago.

The school provides training in sewing and computing to underprivileged boys and girls aged 13 and over.

Currently 40 girls will

train on 10 sewing machines, but the school desperately needs to buy 15 more, at £50 each, so that it can cater for the scores of girls on its waiting list.

Rev Wood’s dream is eventually to be able to give each girl her own sewing machine when she graduates.

She said: “We’re trying to bring them self-help. We want to help them start a new life and achieve something for the future.”

The idea for the school emerged some years ago during a visit to a hospital in a village in eastern Ghana.

Rev Wood was astonished to find that babies were sleeping on the hospital floor, so she and her friends donated seven baby cots to the hospital.

Rev Wood said: “The chief of the village then contacted us about the situation with many of the young people in the village.

“There were lots of girls turning to prostitution and lots of boys drinking too much because there was nothing else for them to do.

“You normally have to pay for education in Ghana.”

Starting out with nothing but a small room, the school has flourished. It has benefited from a sizeable donation of land and now provides for over 300 students.

Rev Wood said: “The school has been an incredible blessing to the local community and the surrounding villages. Many of the former students have jobs now.”

The Free Vocational Training School is one of a string of projects run by Wood World Missions. Among their other achievements is a centre in Malawi that caters for 220 orphans.

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